Domestic services

Here at Nexus Express Domestic Services, we pride ourselves in our delivery services which can get your package to its destination in spite of any tight deadlines. If you have an urgent delivery that must reach a certain location in rapid time, we will be there using our extensive fleet of Motor-bikes for the job. For successful time sensitive same day deliveries, you are most certainly in the right place. We will do everything to make sure that your package reaches its destination in the allotted time at any time of the year. Whether you have a last minute birthday present to send, have an urgent medical delivery to take care of, or are sending out some critical documents, our drivers are on standby waiting for your call. We guarantee that your package will get there on time.



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Nexus Express has a dedicated fleet of drivers to handle all of your scheduled delivery needs. With 99% of our scheduled deliveries completed on time, we are the one-stop shop for all of your delivery needs. Whether it’s a 1 stop or 100, Nexus Express can dedicate our highly qualified drivers to ensure your scheduled work is delivered on-time, every time!


In response to growing demand, Nexus Express offers safe and secure storage facilities in our modern storage warehouses. You can store your business or personal belongings. All items are easily retrievable and we can deliver them to your door. We can also use the Direct-Send service to deliver items directly to your customers.


Nexus Express has the ability to handle your bulk mail (Invitation, brochures, giveaways, magazines…etc.) according to your plan with no maximum quantity in a prearranged period of time. For rates and information, please contact your Nexus representative or our customer service team on 02-2418-9000


Nexus express safely handles your cash collection whether it is an installment service or cash on delivery (COD). Collected amount will be handed weekly, half monthly or monthly according to the business volume.


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Helping Our Customer

Grew Sales

With our organized and systemized services, our customers can depend on us and provide there business a stable service provider.

Fast Service

speed in delivery is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction which results in more sales.

Low rates

Price matters, a low delivery cost can help you provide lower or even free delivery for your customers.

Responsive Service

Customers want to be able to arrange the delivery to fit their busy schedules.

Quality Service

The attitude of the delivery man in carrying out the service can have a profound impact on customer's satisfaction too

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Small Business with less than 20 deliveries per day

If your business have less than 20 deliveries per day then our Small Business Plan will fit your needs.

Startups that lack capital for own delivery fleet & warehouse

   If you are new in business having adequate cashflow would be vital for survival. Ensure maximum cashflow with our solutions.   

Businesses/startups that are understaffed

Lacking manpower to help you with your logistics? Contact us today, we have both men and power!

Business owners looking to reduce workload

    Scheduling, routing, dispatching, inventory mangement and fleet management can take up a lot of your time, why not focus on increasing sales?   

Anyone looking for a one-time courier service

Our delivery fleet is also skilled at providing courier service for special events such as house moving, shipment loading, etc.